Awakening and Dialogical Universal Spirituality

My music is meant for relaxation, meditation and dis-covering our True Nature. Music is a neutral medium which can bypass our limited personal thinking. Thus our Inmost Being can be addressed. Several pieces contain subliminal pointers to the placeless, timeless awareness that we are. 
I am not a guru or “certified life coach” (with a wall full of certificates). On the other hand, I have been working on this matter for more than 40 years and through damage and disgrace one becomes wise, rather wiser. This means, among other things, that I am convinced that I really don’t really know anything for sure. The advantage of this insight is that I don’t have to pretend either. At the same time I have seen, done, studied, experienced a lot of things and above all dis-covered many spiritual pitfalls. Together we can help each other to awaken more and more, in the context of what I call “dialogical universal spirituality”. 
DISCLAIMER: I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

Sat Nam,