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Sri Subramania Siva Yogi and I got in touch through LinkedIn and soon we passionately started sharing our spiritual approaches. We are in regular contact and continue to share ideas and info.

SS Yogi is concentrated in directing his followers to take the path of Sadhana through Japa Yoga “OM NAMAHSIVAYA” Mantra for obtaining the Spiritual Enlightenment.

We created the mantra video OM NAMAHSIVAYA to build a spiritual bridge between East (Yogi’s mantra singing) and West (Yosiji’s music) to reach, unite and support more people in their quest for Spiritual Growth, Liberation and Inner Peace.
When we chant such sacred sounds uninterruptedly, it goes to the infinite like a chain and comes back to the body of the chanter in a similar way as it went. (…) Thus the spiritual power is awakened and enlightenment will take place.

Fifteen years ago, I understood clearly that I am not a merely worldly human being but I am a manifestation of infinite eternity. I knew that it was the awakening of KUNDALINI in me.”

SPIRITUAL YOGA ” is a program created specially by S. S. Yogi to help the talented and spiritual devotees who are seeking the great Spiritual Enlightenment in their lives. He therefore summarizes the SADHANA* in a brief manner including the main programs such as Pranayama (breathing exercise), Japa Sadhana (Chanting Mantras or hymns) and Meditation.
As a subscriber of his website (monthly 5 Dollar donation: www.sivavision.org) his program will be sent to you.
One class on every Sunday. This on line course will be completed after three months.

*The meaning of SADHANA means – Spiritual practice or disciplines which lead to perfection, there being contemplation, asceticism, worship of a GOD and correct living.

Shree.S.S YOGI explains the Essence of Katha Upanishad.

S.S. Yogi is also an  Astrologer and he could predict  several peoples’ horoscopes in India and abroad during the last many years. You can check it out here: https://www.onegodmed.com/

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