On my YouTube channel you will find trailers of my CDs, music and guided meditation videos.

Free Music & Meditations
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These are some examples on my YouTube channel:
Guided meditations
Body Awareness (AmE-Female 2)
Body Awareness (BrE-Female 1)
Body Awareness (BrE-Male)
This meditation is also available in Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic.
More information about the body awareness theme can be found here

Meditative music
Om Sahasrara, This 30-minute piece of music is ideal as background music for meditation and relaxation

Compilations of my CDs
CD 1 Meditative Journeys
CD 2 Fo(u)r Meditations
CD 3 Unveiling The Self
CD4 Atman Buddhi Chakra Meditation

Promo videos
Music voor publication – Promo video with samples of the music that I offer for publication on YouTube and Facebook. For more info click here.

Scheduled for winter 2020
Introduction video about the pain body.
Guided meditation Releasing Pain & Suffering (+ Chakra Meditation)

My contemporary music
Is er Dood na dit Leven? (Is there Death after Life? )- Miniature for symphony orchestra and sound track

Andere projecten
Kampen des doods (Death camps)- Promo video for the poetry book about the concentration camps by my former colleague and friend Dick Gebuys

Contemplaties – Videos for contemplation in collaboration with my lifelong friend and pastor Bert Knubben
1. Kerst (Christmas) 2019 – Het duister waarderen/Appreciating the dark
2. Allerzielen (All Soul’s Day) 2019 – Dood/Death (Kahlil Gibran)

These videos can also be seen on my Facebook Page. Follow me for the latest news.