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Free Music & Meditations
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Guided meditations
1. Body Awareness (AmE-Female 2); Body Awareness (BrE-Female 1); Body Awareness (BrE-Male)
This meditation is also available in Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.
Conscience CorporelleConciencia del CuerpoConsapvolezza del Corpoالوعي بالجسم
More information about the body awareness theme can be found here
2. Releasing Pain & Suffering (CaE-Female-Lorree Appleby) For more information click here.
3. Relax & Align (CaE-Female Lorree Appleby)
4. Chakra Meditation (CaE-Female Lorree Appleby)
5. I am Complete (CaE-Female Lorree Appleby)
Meditative introduction to Vocal Reiki and Soul Messages
6. Namasté (with Sara Jane)
7. Earth, Forks & Bowls (healing meditation with Sara Jane)

Meditative music
Om Sahasrara
This 30-minute piece of music is ideal as background music for meditation and relaxation


Mantra music with Sri S.S. Yogi
Om Namasivaya
Videos created for Lorree Appleby
Assumptions of Radical Forgiveness PART 1
Assumptions of Radical Forgiveness PART 2
Assumptions of Radical Forgiveness PART 3

Videos created for Jill Mattson (on both our YouTube channels)
Turtle Jig
Jill Mattson (leader)
Forest Shadow

Divine Invocations
Weath (The Way of the Wizard)
I am a Child of God

Video with Soul Message & Soul Song created for Sara Jane (additional music & mix by me)
Earth, Forks & Bowls (healing meditation with Sara Jane)

Background: the pain body
Introduction to the Pain Body

Compilations of my CDs
CD 1 Meditative Journeys
CD 2 Fo(u)r Meditations
CD 3 Unveiling The Self
CD4 Atman Buddhi Chakra Meditation

Promo videos
Music voor publication
Promo video with samples of the music that I offer for publication on YouTube and Facebook.
For more info click here.


Contemplations with Bert Knubben (1039-2020)
Videos for contemplation in collaboration with my lifelong friend and pastor Bert Knubben.
Bert passed over on September 2020. Our soul connection has never been broken.
1. Sermon of October 2019 (Dutch only) – Franciscus
2. All Soul’s Day (Allerzielen) 2019 – Dood/Death (Kahlil Gibran)
3. Christmas (Kerst) 2019 – Het duister waarderen/Appreciating the dark
4. Easter (Pasen) 2020 – Jezus mijn Icoon/Jesus my Icon
An abrupt and totally unexpected end to our video series.
Video made with audio files from my archive and photos from facebook posted by Bert.
5. Passing of Bert Knubben – In Memoriam
EXTRA – video created by Ted Daamen: Ted Daamen talking to Facebook Pastor Bert Knubben (Dutch)
6. Posthumous video – Wie Zijn Leven Wil Vinden
I made this video with audio material that Bert had sent me by email years ago.
I guess that Bert intended a variation of this statement:
“Whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” in Matthew 16:25?

My contemporary (atonal) music
Is er Dood na dit Leven? (Is there Death after Life? )- Miniature for symphony orchestra and sound track
Octobells – Chime melody
Inventio Bicinia for 2/4 Woodwinds
Video created for our Stichting Limburgse Componisten
Miniatures for Woodwinds
Video for my composition teacher, fellow composer and friend Gerard Sars made on the occasion of his 65th birthday.
Conditor Alme Siderum

Literature & music
Kampen des doods (Death camps)
Promo video for the poetry book about the concentration camps by my former colleague and friend Dick Gebuys

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