“We are human beings, not human doings”  (Yogi Bhajan, Dr. Wayne Dyer, John Gavazzoni a.o.)

What is meant by that?   What is being?  Doesn’t that just mean setlling for a dull life?  Who are you when you’re not doing things, not achieving certain goals?  Does it really mean that? Doesn’t Life just unfold?  Does a tree grow by effort, by careful planning, by being vigilant, by worrying about the future and dwelling on the past?  Do you think, breathe, make your heart beat?   Aren’t they  just happening by themselves?  Who are we without believe in our thoughts, without past or future?   Who are we this very timeless moment?  Where are our problems right now without consulting our minds? The Self is overlooked and veiled by the stories we weave with every thought we believe in.  What are you thinking of while you are reading this, right now?  Are these thoughts about Reality?  What is the Reality of this very moment?  Who is the “I” in your thoughts?  Who suffers these thoughts?