Meditation – Releasing Pain and Suffering

My definition of Radical Living is not accepting traditional ways of thinking and creating my l ife with intended purpose, passion and faith.

I met Lorree Appleby through my Canadian friend Jeffrey Eisen and we immediately felt a strong connection.
Since I was looking for a suitable voice for this meditation, I suggested working together. No sooner said than done.
I’m sure you’ll love her warm and loving voice.
We hope that many people will be touched by this meditation(s) and we have plenty of ideas for new projects.
For more information about Lorree you can visit her website: https://www.ourpurposefuljourney.com/

Lorree’s YouTube Channel

I am a seeker, a dreamer, somebody who believes in synchronicities and the magic of life, who believes that there is always a reason, for each meeting, for each new step toward the realization of our goals, always with a grateful heart.

When I published my Body Awareness Meditation, I received a response from Denmark: it was Ylenia.
She suggested to create an Italian version of this meditation as well and so we did: Consapevolezza del Corpo.
I consider her a real soul mate and we have many plans for projects, certain that our Inner Beings will guide us.
She will record the Italian version of Releasing Pain & Suffering.
For more information about Ylenia you can visit her website: https://www.breathemassage.dk

After years of research, refining the text and figuring out the correct form (footage and music), this extensive meditation is finally finished. It all started with the concept of the pain body, as coined by Eckhart Tolle. I wanted to develop a tool for conscious and active transmutation, without making it a mental exercise. After all, the pain body is an unconscious mechanism: a mental, emotional, energetic “entity”.
For more information about the pain body, you can click here.
Or you can watch this video: Introduction to the Pain Body.
This meditation will also be available in other languages later.

The complete meditation consists of 4 parts:
1. Body Awareness: It is important to get out of the head and into the body first. This state of awareness is also called presence or the receptive mode. From this state of relaxed openness we go to the next step.
2. Releasing: You will consciously allow and experience pain in whatever form. You’ll recognize the automatic reactions of fight or flight, in which the pain body is unconsciously fed. From this state of conscious allowance, you will tune into higher vibrations.
3. Chakra Meditation: Each chakra is experienced and purified. Thus, your vibration is constantly increasing.
4. Conclusion: Now that you are fully present and in a state of high vibration, positive thoughts can find their way in easily and unfiltered. Your old, conditioned beliefs, have less and less grip on you and give way to positivity, joy and unconditional love.

Versions on YouTube
1. COMPLETE VERSION – Releasing Pain & Suffering
60 minutes – part 1, 2, 3 and 4
Most extensive version. In part 2 (Releasing) of this version the unconscious mechanisms that sustain our suffering are explained. I believe that this version is very suitable for group meditations as it is the most instructive one.

2. ABBREVIATED VERSION #1 – Releasing Pain & Suffering / Chakra Meditation (not available yet)
40 minutes – part 1, 3 and 4
The Body Awareness Meditation is immediately followed by the Chakra Meditation.
2. ABBREVIATED VERSION #4 – Relax & Align
18 minutes – part 1 and 4
The Body Awareness Meditation is immediately followed by the Chakra Meditation.

Other versions will only be available as audio files via the website later.

4. ABBREVIATED VERSION #2 – Releasing Pain and Suffering
48 minutes – part 1, 2, 3 and 4
In this version part 2 (Releasing) has been abbreviated: the explanation of the unconscious mechanisms that sustain our suffering are omitted.
The underlying idea is that when the Complete Version is listened to more often, these mechanisms are known.
5. ABBREVIATED VERSION #3 – Releasing Pain & Suffering / Chakra Meditation
30 minutes – part 3 and 4
In this version part 1 and 2 (Body Awareness & Releasing) are omitted. This is the Chakra Meditation & Conclusion only.

If you have any requests, questions or suggestions, you can always contact me. Would you like to record this meditation yourself, we could deliberate how we can do this so that a win-win situation arises.