Music for Publication

Background music for your Own Guided Meditations

On this page you will find examples of meditative pieces that I offer for a fee to use as background music for your own
guided meditations for publication on YouTube and Facebook (or otherwise agreed).

You can find the terms of use here.

I also offer you the opportunity to let me compose an opening tune (cc 15-30 seconds) for your YouTube-channel or Facebook, with video if desired. An example of this is my own YosijiMusic tune with which all my videos start.
You can also find it in the banner at the bottom of this page.

VIDEO Music voor publication
Promo video with samples of the music with several voices.

You can listen to longer versions of these pieces by clicking on the bars below.

Meditative music 1 : The Perfection of this Moment
   36 minutes    €36,=

Meditative music 2 : Awareness
Music of meditation video Body Awareness (on YouTube)
11 minutes €11,=

Meditative music 3 : Recognizing
   17 minutes    €17,=

Meditative music 4 : Effortless Being
Music of the meditation video I am Complete (on YouTube)
21 minutes €21,= (entire version)

Meditative music 5 : Stillness in the Sounds
   30 minutes    €30,=
Meditative music 6 : Awakening to your True Nature
   16 minutes    €16,=

Meditative music 7 : 7 chakras (music of this meditation without the words: Chakra Meditation) (on YouTube)
26 minutes €26,=

Meditative music 8 : Om Sahasrara (music of this video, without the Yosiji-intro: on YouTube)
30 minutes €30,=

Please contact me to find out how you can order this music or if you have a question, a request or a suggestion.
Perhaps I can offer you a customized solution.

To do this, click on this link: yosijimusic@gmail.com

Everything in life is focused on finding the right balance over and over. That is the reason why an edit or a new piece may take months. For me, composing is meditating and flowing with my Inner Being: being one with the inspiration and subtly refining until everything is completely in balance.
Composed by Yosiji – Inspired by my Inner Being – Approved by the Universe