Atman Buddhi Chakra Meditation


Chakras represent the energetic, mental, emotional and the physical aspect of Life. They belong to the realm of duality, the ever changing mode of Consciousness. By continuously transmuting the energies of our chakras, we’re eventually centered in the spiritual heart (hridayam) where we recognize our Inner Being and Atman as One and the same: Atman Buddhi Concentration.

Would you like to have your own guided meditations using my music?

Option 1.
€200, = Includes:– voice recording of your meditation  in my studio     or at your place;– cutting, pasting and editing voice recording;– mixing with my music;– mastering to wave or mp3 format. Guided meditations for every chakra(approx.. 50 minutes).You can share these recordings with your clients as a free service or you can sell them.

Option 2.
€300, =  Guided meditations for every chakra (approx.. 50 minutes) + 20 CDs.      Includes:– voice recording of your meditation in my studio    or at your place;– cutting, pasting and editing voice recording;– mixing with my music;– mastering to wave or mp3 format. Additionally you get 20 Atman Buddhi Chakra Meditation CDs* (total selling price 300,=). You can offer the guided meditations for free upon purchase of this CD.*instrumental version

Also available as a download in Wave + Mp3.

Price CD or download: € 15.00.
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Short compilation of this CD
Example of guided meditation with chakra 1 (In Dutch)