Coaching & Channeling – Jeffrey Eisen

Jeffrey is a Toronto-based spiritual life coach, channeler, energy intuitive, teacher, and nature & travel photographer. His mission is to help shift the consciousness of the planet one individual at a time. He works with clients one-on-one, leads group sessions, shares his love and wisdom through videos and podcasts, and captures the natural beauty of the world around us.
No matter where you’re at, I’ll meet you there and intuitively guide you on your journey of awakening and self-discovery – empowering you to make meaningful life changes.
(Jeffrey Eisen)

As a channeler, Jeffrey articulates Shaltazar’s messages.
These messages come from a place of love and are available to you always and forever. Close your eyes and let yourself relax as you explore, listen, and feel these messages deeply. Know that Our love for you is everlasting and unconditional. As you allow yourself to tune in to these messages you will evolve as the spiritual being in human form you truly are. We thank you for the difference you are making in your world at this monumental time in human history. It is you who can change your world and make it a better place.” (Shaltazar)

Here are some messages from Shaltazar: