Vocal Reiki & Soul Wisdom


I met Sara Jane through LinkedIn and we quickly decided to arrange a video chat. I didn’t know about Vocal Reiki, but I was immediately interested. Sara Jane also told me that she had all of
Jill Mattson’s CDs and that I should contact her.
Just like Jill she is a grey-haired “9-year-old girl”: sweet and totally open-minded.

Sara Jane is the Master of Voice & Vocal Reiki, someone who has come from very shaky beginnings and many doubts about herself and her abilities, to believe and trust in herself, in what she does and what she offers to those who are ready to face their hurts, pain and fears from childhood traumas. Sara works from her heart, from a place of love, caring and support.

Vocal Reiki
Vocal Reiki is a combination of Reiki Energy and Sound Energy in the form of Toning (the use of the voice, not singing). It is a powerful tool to support healing on a physical & emotional level. It has been created by Sara Jane, a gift she feels she has been given to share with the world. Discover how Sound can make you whole, connecting you with your Inner Child & the True You. Open to Sounds that heal your life traumas, hurts, fears & insecurities. Enter a world where you live in peace & love with yourself and all that surrounds you through Sound. Feel the Power & Energy of Sound as it Unlocks the Doors & Frees Your Inner Child. Learn how Sound Energy works & experience a short demonstration in the video below.

Soul Wisdom
Sara has found that she speaks & sings what she feels is our Soul Language. On her Soul Wisdom page she shares channelled messages, either spoken or sung in short videos for you to listen to. Below is a brief introduction video that Sara suggests you watch before experiencing the message
videos for the first time.

Namasté (Soul Message & Vocal Reiki) by Sara Jane & Yosiji
After we got to know each other better through social media and video chat, we immediately had the feeling that we were going to create things together. After watching some of her YouTube videos, I spontaneously decided to experiment with her material. I composed music for one of her Soul Messages and one Vocal Reiki “song”. Then I started looking for images.
This is our first project. Sara Jane & I hope you enjoy it.

Earth, Forks & Bowls (Guided Sound Healing Meditation) by Sara Jane & Yosiji
This is a guided body meditation and a sound healing in one.
Be guided by the words of Sara Jane and open up to the sounds of Solfeggio tuning forks and singing bowls against the background of the sound of Mother Earth.
The Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks are a set of forks in the sacred frequencies known as the Secret Solfeggio. These original sound frequencies were used in Ancient Gregorian Chants. The chants and their special tones were believed to give tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in
harmony during religious masses.

For more Sara Jane videos click here.

For more information you can visit her website.

Sara Jane also contributes to Gift of Healing TV. This platform shares interviews with experts & practitioners from around the world about healing practices and techniques + meditations,
exercises both physical & cognitive and more. Visit website.

I edited some of her material for her as an experiment, but we’re determined to do something together in the future. We just don’t know exactly what yet. We’ll wait and see …