Tailor-made Meditations – professional audio and video

Your Voice & Words – Your own guided meditations audio and or video

Are you a therapist or facilitator?
Then this might be something for you. 

Option 1 – Your own guided mediation
I offer the opportunity to record your words which I then combine with my music. Of course there is a lot of free material on the internet, but this would be  a unique tailor-made quided meditation. You can share these recordings with your clients who hear your familiar voice and language, matching your specific approach. Again and again.

5 minutes of guided meditation (text and music, licence* included) from €150
Depending on your specific wishes I can make you an exact offer. 
Normal activities on my part:
– voice recording of your meditation in my studio or at your place;
– Cutting, pasting and editing (audio filters, equalizing etc.) of the voice recording;
– Mixing with my music (balance and timing);
– Mastering to wave or mp3 format, in any desired quality/file size.
You can share this recording with your clients as a free service or for a fee.
Examples: Music for Publication
*For the music, I grant you a licence; the copyright remains with me at all times.

Option 2 – Music for Publication
Because people often ask me if they can use my music for their own meditations, I now offer meditative background music of different lengths, for a fee.
More info: Music for Publication
*For the music I grant you a licence; the copyright remains with me at all times.

*Copyright is an intellectual property right. The creator of a work decides how, where and when his work is made public or reproduced. For example, a work may not be sold, uploaded, exhibited, altered, performed or copied without the author’s permission; right of use is the right that the creator can grant to someone in the form of a licence.

Meditation videos for international clients:
including Jill Mattson (American spiritual bestselling author, artist and composer).
Besides meditative music and meditations, I also make accompanying videos, as you can see on my YouTube page. Up to now I have made 7 videos for my American friend Jill Mattson. They are the only videos without my own music.
If you click here and scroll down the page, you will find these videos.
I have also made music videos for Sara Jane (England), Lorree Appleby (Canada) and S.S. Yogi (India).

Feel free to contact me and just send me an email.