Fo(u)r Meditations

(2005 – 2015)

Especially meant “fo(u)r” meditation. 

1. Loosening Up – The mind is full of thoughts; the body is tense. By giving attention to the body, thoughts gradually subside and the body is stimulated to get unstuck. The energy is moving from the head to the whole body. Eventually the body relaxes.

2. Flowing – Being  in a more relaxed mood we intensely feel our body and the energies flowing through it. All cells of the body rejoice. There’s peace and spaciousness.  Stuck energies are dissolving.

3. Descending – Starting off with a repeating sequence of vibesounds and a flute theme, followed by vast sounds we enter deep relaxation and descend into deep awake meditation. The body has become the gateway to the timeless dimension, the Now. The present stillness inside is observing all other movements, like thoughts, images, bodily conditions. They are all recognized as volatile: coming and going. 

4. Charging – Rhythmic patterns stimulate the body to get back to energized action.  As there is awareness of peace and spaciousness inside, the outside world becomes only relatively important.  We are the space for the events. The body is the anchor that keeps us Present (mindful).  

Also available as a download in Wave + Mp3.

This CD was previously released in 2005 with a different cover: revised in 2015.
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