Radical Forgiveness

I don’t remember exactly how I got to know Lorree a few years ago, but it clicked immediately.
Our approaches may be slightly different, but we understand each other perfectly.
Look in her eyes, see her smile (picture) and you know what I mean.
Together we created Releasing Pain and Suffering.
The Chakra Meditation (Chakra Healing) can also be listened to at BANDCAMP.
The you can find the instrumental only and the guided meditation version.

And derived from this one Relax & Align and the Chakra Meditation
Isn’t her voice just perfect?

“I have always been a very shy person, I mean to the extreme. I have always been very concerned with what others thought of me and this concern turned into a fear of putting myself out there, and living a life that was true to me. Looking back, I can see where these beliefs and this story began to take shape.”

In January 2016 Lorree was trained by the late Colin Tipping, Founder and Director of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness, Inc., as a Certified Radical Living Master Coach. Colin’s mission was to instill conscious living and create a World of Forgiveness with his spiritual technology which follows an easy, step-by-step process called the Tipping Method (TM).
To learn more about Radical Living and how the concepts work Lorree highly suggests reading the book ‘Radical Forgiveness’ by Colin Tipping.
For more information you can visit her website.

I created these videos for her: opening, texts-in-picture, credits and of course the music in the background.

Guided meditation I AM COMPLETE
“When you FEEL healthy and vital and alive and prosperous you attract more of all those things.”
(Abraham Hicks).
During one of my morning meditations, I “heard” these words. Of course I jotted the word down after the meditation. I sent the text to Lorree and she immediatly offered to record it for me.